internal constant evaluation and field the entire operation, via journals and online reports within the standard ISO9001-2008 and Account Manager at no additional charge.

market only in the segment to have liability insurance in the amount of R $ 1,000,000.00 (AIG Insurance).

network servers and components DELL and CISCO, IT 24 hour support.

complete with risk rating of more than 3,000 gas stations, 30,000 references, 500 CEPS (RJ and SP) 3,000 5,000 routes and areas.

Golden Service Systems

Access restricted to customers of Golden Service.

Systems (Log Golden, Golden Profile, SM System and Inter Position)


Tracking and monitoring system


GoldenLog system have several tools that aim to bring as added security benefits, information, identifying problems and areas for improvement in internal processes and reducing operating costs.

The Golden Service possess its own development department, dedicated to serving our customers through personalized and customized solutions according to the profile of each operation.

  • Grid Full Travel Tracking;
  • Tracking Transfer Operations;
  • Monitoring Urban Operations;
  • Tracking Travel Progression with arrival forecast calculation;
  • Control Travel Plan;
  • Availability of vehicles;
  • Control of entry, exit and vehicle dwell time by targets;
  • Drivers and Vehicle Production Control;
  • Grid Travel;
  • Drivers Day control;
  • Several reports;

Customer Testimonials

We have about 150 carriers and shippers in our partner portfolio among them we can highlight: