O sistema GoldenLog They have several tools that aim to bring as added security benefit, information, identifying problems and areas for improvement in internal processes and reducing operating costs.

The Golden Service possess its own development department, dedicated to serving our customers through personalized and customized solutions according to the profile of each operation.

System Features Golden Log

  • Grid Full Travel Monitoring;
  • Transfer Operations Monitoring;
  • Monitoring Urban Operations;
  • Travel Progression Monitoring with arrival forecast recalculation;
  • Travel Control Plan;
  • Availability of vehicles;
  • input control, output and vehicle dwell time through targets;
  • Drivers and Vehicle Production Control;
  • Grid Travel;
  • Drivers Day Control;
  • Reports Miscellaneous;

Integration Webservice

For system integration and communication between different applications, the Golden Service uses the WebService service via HTTP or HTTPS protocols to transmit information in XML format.

Also available on our Web Service a specific service with logistics data, so that our customers can treat this information through their management systems the way they want.